Reverse Osmosis System and RO System in Lake Forest, IL

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If you’re in Lake Forest, IL, you may want to consider looking into a reverse osmosis system to purify your property’s water supply. The quality of water sources remains a shared concern among Illinois homes and business owners. Drinking and bathing in contaminated water is a major health concern, but high-quality, odorless water also tastes better, doesn’t stain laundry, and cleans more effectively.

Chicago Water Pros has spent almost 20 years providing top-notch residential and commercial reverse osmosis system installation services to Lake County and the surrounding areas. Why not give us a call to learn more about these innovative filtration systems in your area?

Whole-House Reverse Osmosis System in Lake Forest, Illinois

Reverse osmosis systems employ four stages of filtration to produce nearly 100% purified water.

  1. The water runs through a sediment filter to remove large particles like rust or dirt.
  2. The water passes through a pre-carbon filter system to bond with molecules, such as sulfur, chlorine, and pesticides, and block any larger particles.
  3. The reverse osmosis system uses pressure to push the newly filtered water through a semipermeable membrane, removing compounds that weigh more than water (lead, fluoride, and sodium).
  4. The water runs through a post-carbon filter as a last cleaning effort. It is this last step that ensures your new drinking water does not smell or taste strange.

Like the gorgeous architecture that fills this area next to Lake Michigan, professional installation of your new reverse osmosis system promises much. You’ll have safer water to drink and peace of mind too. And reverse osmosis systems will purify water without affecting its flow rate!

water filter system used for Whole-House Reverse Osmosis System in Lake Forest, Illinois

RO System Installation in Lake Forest, IL

Experts recommend water treatment for commercial properties in Lake Forest, IL. Safer water for your customers prevents liability. However, 100% tasteless water is also a great selling point for hotels, restaurants, and other players that want to emphasize professionalism for their brand image.

Our business is proud to serve Lake Forest, IL, an area filled with natural beauty and friendly neighbors. The surrounding areas offer great outdoor experiences and activities, including Middlefork Savanna, Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve, and the local Wildlife Discovery Center. The population makes Lake Forest a small city, but that’s no reflection of the big ideas and value it has to offer.

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