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Welcome to Chicago Water Pros

Your Water, Professionally Perfected

Chicago Water Pros is a family-owned company that has been serving the Chicagoland, Illinois area for over 20 years.

Our philosophy has always been to educate our customers on water quality and treatment options, first and foremost, then provide the most courteous and timely service in the industry! We specialize in whole house water purification & water filtration systems in Chicago and the Chicagoland, Illinois suburbs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a clean water purification system for my home or business?

Before making a decision on a water treatment system for your home or business, talk to the Water Solution experts, Chicago Water Pros, you’ll be glad you did!

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Isn’t city and most well water good enough without a Chicago Water Pros water conditioning system?

That depends on your standards of “good enough.” Most communities in Illinois meet Primary Drinking Water Standards as established by the EPA. However, your water can still contain impurities you can’t taste or smell – impurities that can be potentially harmful. Chicago Water Pros can take good water and turn it into great tasting healthy water that meets much stricter health and safety standards.

My city water system tests fine at the source. Why should I worry?

In the time that water leaves the plant and arrives at your home, it can pick up substances that become a part of the water you receive. Sediment and odors can also join the mixture. A Chicago Water Pros home water filtration system provides a highly effective barrier against these undesirable pollutants.

How does a CWP water softening system remove hard water?

Hard water is removed by a process called “ion exchange.” Hardness-causing particles and debris are positively charged. The water runs through CWP’s resin system, which has millions of negatively charged sites. As the water flows past these sites, calcium, iron and magnesium attach to the sites and are “bumped off.”

How much sodium will be in my Chicago Water Pros water?

Very little, thanks to CWP’s water filtration systems. In most cases, you’ll find less sodium in a glass of CWP water than in a slice of bread. If your doctor recommends a sodium-free diet, CWP’s reverse osmosis water system can reduce the total sodium content to near zero.


Count on the pros at Chicago Water Pros to provide the most timely and professional services in the industry!


Find out what is in your drinking water!

Worried about the quality of your water? Want to learn more?
Browse through our Water Knowledge Center to answer some of your questions!

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Read what our satisfied customers are saying about Chicago Water Pros

  • I’ve used Chicago Water Pros for over 10 years now.

    My system has always run flawlessly. Installation, service, and yearly service are always handled by them. It is an extremely easy and care free process. Mark’s thorough and expert knowledge of various water conditions ensures that he can provide the best possible system. Having conditioned to water is a great ...

    -Anil Saxena

  • Already recommending to others.

    Mark was outstanding! The entire process was easy, and he explained everything. Mark even followed up the next day to make sure the systems and newly installed RO faucet was running smoothly.

    -Jason Palmer

  • Highly recommend!

    We had the Osprey system installed and almost immediately noticed improvement of our water cleanliness/hardness. Mark is professional and easy going, took his time to answer all our questions and figure out what’s the best solution for our house.

    -Michael O'Brien

  • Professional services highly recommended!

    Installed water filtration system in a house with well water.

    -Hasan Kabir

  • The process and final look were exactly what I expected.

    Friendly and professional, had a plan which allowed for a straightforward installation—no surprises. We ran it through our crawl space to the required areas: fridge and sink. We're very excited to have the reverse osmosis system and looking forward to using it.


  • The quality of our water is so much better!

    The quality of our water is so much better after Mark installed our new water softener and our reverse osmosis system has been great! There were few hiccups during installation but Mark was good about communicating with us and got things taken care of quickly.

    -Lauryn Chan Wildman

  • Work was very professional and cost effective.

    Mark is a great person. We used his services and his work was very professional and cost effective.

    -Atul Sharma

  • CWP was worth every penny and I highly recommend them.

    Mark was on-time to meeting, very knowledgeable and also an honest salesman. I really appreciated that I had an old RO system under my sink from a previous homeowner and he said he’d bring some missing parts and re-Install the old unit without even trying to sell me a brand ...

    -Nicholas Czapla

  • They have been responsive, respectful, and kind throughput the entire process.

    The team from Chicago Water Pros were knowledgeable and guided us through the process of selecting the right equipment to remove the iron from our well water and leave us with wonderfully clear and crisp water. The Reverse Osmosis tap is also a game changer for on demand drinking water. ...

    -Frankie Rogosienski

  • We have been happy with the years of service from this company and would highly recommend them.

    Mark comes every year and services our reverse osmosis system. He is on time, personable and professional and keeps us up to date in what we need to do to keep maintaining our system.

    -Abby Valente

  • Recommend.

    Been a customer for 10+ years, service is done with professionalism and quality.

    -Tomasz Mrowca

  • We are very happy with his work and his prices were reasonable.

    Mark installed two water filtration systems for my family. He is knowledgeable, reliable, and efficient.

    -Karen Villagomez

  • I definitely recommend CWP for water filter installation.

    Mark is a pro and knowledgeable person. Just finished installing water filter.

    -Srinivas Sanduri

  • We love the new system!

    Had a whole house water filter installed and a reverse osmosis system. We had very eggy water from our well. The system that was installed resolved all issues.

    -Grant Waspi

  • After showering with the newly installed system, my eczema began clearing up right away!

    Mark and his team were great at explaining what the filtration and softening systems did. I have severe eczema that was being more triggered recently and with all the hand washing, my skin would hurt all the time though I was already filtering out chlorine. My hands no longer hurt ...

    -Grace Wong

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