10 Amazing Benefits of A Water Softener

Soft water is something most people take for granted. You’ll never know just how good you have it until your faucets start spitting out minerals. Not many people are aware of the benefits of a water softener.

Those of us who’ve lived with hard water know that it does all manner of nasty things to your body; not to mention it just feels bad on your skin.

Oh, and then there’s the damage hard water does to your household items and plumbing. Mineral-heavy water will cost you excess money.

Luckily, you don’t have to live with hard water. Simply buying a water softener will make your life infinitely better.

We’re here to show you why the benefits of a water softener far outweigh any costs.

Benefits of a Water Softener #1: Moist Skin

The minerals in hard water (read: magnesium and calcium) cause your skin to dry out and become flaky or itchy.

These minerals won’t dissolve on your skin, and settle into your pores. The resulting residue irritates your pores and causes inflammation. Thus the flaky appearance.

Unfortunately, even soap has a hard time washing the minerals off your body. Once they stick in your pores, they don’t like to leave.

A water softener prevents this problem by filtering these minerals out of your water. No minerals equals no dry, flaky skin.

#2: Get Rid of Those Tub Stains

The minerals in hard water don’t just leave residue on your skin, but on almost every surface they touch. Ever see stains on your tub or sink?

Well, those stains are a result of the minerals left behind when your water evaporates.

Removing these minerals is possible, but you’re fighting a losing battle. Every time you shower or wash your hands the build up starts again.

The only way to prevent this build up for good is installing a quality water softener.

#3: Save On Your Water Bill

An unexpected addition to the benefits of a water softener is lowering your water bill.

We commonly find that most people have never even considered that hard water is denser than soft water.

What happens is the minerals in your water make your plumbing system work harder. You’ll need more water pressure (and thus more water) to get the same flow.

In addition, mineral build up on the insides of pipes causes the same phenomenon. Your appliances run less efficiently because of the reduced flow.

#4: Save Your Glassware

Anyone with hard water knows the destructive effect it has on glassware. Mineral buildups at best cause stains, and at worst break your glasses.

Over time the minerals on your cups and plates will cause the glass to become brittle and prone to breaking.

If you’ve ever picked up a glass only for it to shatter in your hands, it might have been because of hard water.

Of course, an easy way to prevent this is with a water softener. Trust us, saving yourself from broken glass is one of the best benefits of a water softener.

#5: Save Your Plumbing

Remember that mineral build-up on your pipes we mentioned? Well, that same build up does more than just increase your water bill.

Limescale build up can occur when your water pressure decreases from other mineral build-up, which in turn causes more limescale build up.

It’s a never-ending cycle that’s only fixed by eliminating your hard water with a water softener.

In the worst case scenario, the build up can actually erode your pipes and cause leaks.

#6: Protect Your Clothing

Another of the overlook benefits of a water softener is protecting your clothing from fading.

Mineral build up will fade your clothes by obstructing their natural colors. The minerals can also wear down the fabric, drying it out over time.

Clothes washed in hard water are prone to rips and tears as they become brittle from constant mineral abuse.

#7: Protect Your Appliances

All of that mineral build up and scaling we’ve talked about on the insides of your pipes is also happening inside your appliances.

Hard water forms the same mineral deposits on tea kettles and washing machines as it does on pipes.

This scaling reduces appliances efficiency, and in the long run could cause total failure.

Investing in a water softener could save you from a very expensive washing machine repair.

#8: Better Hair

Yep, we’re finally getting around to one of the most known benefits of a water softener.

Hard water is bad for your hair. It causes your hairs “scales” to stand on end. This makes luscious locks feel dry and brittle.

The minerals in hard water catch on these scales and make it difficult to rinse the shampoo from your hair.

What you’re left with is hair that’s tainted by minerals and excess shampoo.

#9: Sediment-Free Ice

Only people who’ve live with hard water will immediately understand what we’re talking about when we say sediment free ice.

When you freeze hard water, the minerals in the water stay trapped inside of your ice cubes.

Put those cubes in a glass, and the sediment is released when they melt. It’s gross, and no one wants to drink minerals.

We’ll sound like a broken record, but again, a water softener takes care of this completely.

#10: Good Tasting Water

The final benefit on our reasons to buy a water softener list is better tasting water. Sometimes the minerals in hard water give the water a bad taste.

You know what we’re talking about, even if you’re not aware of it. Ever been to another part of the country and the water tasted gross?

That’s most likely due to hard water. Water filters can work to alleviate this problem, but eventually the minerals will clog them just like pipes.

The best solution is to buy a water softener.

If you’re dealing with hard water we hope our list of the benefits of a water softener has given you some perspective into a better life.

While the pitfalls of hard water seem trivial, those of us who know its consequences will staunchly support purchasing a water softener.

If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

We’re experts on hard water in the Chicago area, and know the ins and outs of making your water enjoyable.

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