Water Softener System in Barrington IL, Wheaton, Naperville, and all the Surrounding Areas

Is the water in your house staining your walls, ruining your laundry, or damaging your skin and hair? Then, maybe it’s time to get your water treated. Let us, with our high-efficiency water softener system, at Chicago Water Pros, help you. We own the latest equipment like the CWP-Wellmaster that can help in getting rid of all those iron, magnesium, tannins and sulfur from your water and soften it for your household use. Since we are a family owned company, you can expect a personal touch in our services.  Our main aim is to first educate the customers about their water quality and then suggest the different types of treatment options. We can proudly boast about the fact that we have been credited with WQA and BBB certification that help us in advance marketplace trust. We have been providing our service in and around Aurora IL, Barrington IL, Elgin, Frankfort IL, Naperville, and Wheaton for almost two decades now.  

Below we have mentioned 2 most efficient water softeners we have. Take a look. 


  • CWP-HYDRAMAX (Platinum) 

This model uses 64% less salt than any other common water softener. Its other features are: 

  • Soft water recharge function making sure you don’t run out of soft water 
  • Adjustable backwash frequency which saves almost 2000 gallons water every year 
  • Automatic system flush which keeps the brine tank clean 
  • It has vacation and calendar clock modes 

The easy to use controller makes it easier for this model to treat any kind of hard water. Its other features include: 

  • An LCD display that shows time of the day, regeneration mode and gallons remaining 
  • Ability to manually adjust the cycle position for faster and easier service 
  • Brine safety value for added overflow protection 
  • Automatic system flush prevents bacteria growth during non-use periods 


So, if you want to talk to our water solution expert, then call us at (630) 847-8003. 

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