Whole House Water Filter in Chicago, Frankfort, Aurora, Barrington and Surrounding Areas

Where your main water line enters your home, a whole house water filter is installed. Your whole house system will send filtered water to all of your taps and appliances, including your water heater if it is installed at the entry point. You can solve the specific taste and quality issues in your house right now with a water treatment system from Chicago Water Pros. We served you the best quality drinking water and services. In comparison to the others, carbon-based whole-house filter systems are the most cost-effective to buy and operate. Whole-house water filter systems, like drinking water filters, use a range of filter media, such as carbon, reverse osmosis, and innovative next-generation filter technology and their range varies as follows: 

  • Many carbon-based whole-house filters cost under $800 and last for at least 300,000 gallons before the main tank needs to be replaced. A three-stage carbon whole-house filter system is used by the most effective carbon whole-house filter systems, which include: Sediment, rust, and other big pollutants are removed with a pre-filter. 
  • Whole-house reverse osmosis (RO) filters are also available. Whole-house RO systems are more successful than carbon-based systems at removing pollutants. These systems can generate a lot of garbage while also removing important minerals from your water. The advantage is that you won’t need any additional drinking water filters at your taps more on this later. 
  •  Innovative Next-Generation Technology full house filters outperform carbon filters and can be as effective as RO systems for a tenth of the price, with no wasted water and no mineral extraction. A whole house water filter that uses next-generation technology is the Proper Whole House Water Filter. 

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