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Water purification system in Frankfort, IL

Announcing our Complimentary Whole Home Water Evaluation!

When it comes to your water quality, you simply cannot take any chances. Every time you brush your teeth, drink a glass of tap water, or take a bath, you subject your body to whatever may be in your potable water supply. If you’re concerned about your home’s water quality then you need to take action and have Chicago Water Pros test your water!

We offer a wide range of water treatment systems from basic carbon filters for drinking water to reverse osmosis systems to water softeners to whole house water conditioners.

But the first step is water testing.

Call the Pros – Chicago Water Pros! We can figure out exactly what’s in your water and then provide a solution that achieves the water quality that you need.

Let us help you keep your family healthy.

Call us today at (630) 847-8003 or click the red button at the top of the page to schedule your whole home water evaluation.

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