How Can I Test My Water?

A reliable water analysis is the only way to determine what’s in your water that could be inhibiting your home from functioning at its best. For reliable water testing results, where can you go?

Some public health departments provide water testing services for some contaminants, such as lead, but these tests usually only check for contaminants that can make water unsafe to drink and will not reveal water quality issues such as hard water.

The best method to find out what s in your water is to turn to the residential water quality experts at Chicago Water Pros. We offer residential water testing for homeowners at no cost. When you schedule your water test, we will send a specialist to your home to test water from the kitchen tap and share the results with you, right in your kitchen.

Water Quality Solutions

No matter what your free CWP water test reveals about any contaminants in your water, we’re sure to have the ideal solution to meet your needs.

Our wide assortment of water treatment systems includes:

    • Premium water conditioners to address problems caused by hard water
    • Whole-house water filters that can dramatically reduce specific chemicals and metals in your water
    • Drinking water filtration systems that can significantly improve the taste of your water and all the drinks you prepare with it

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Your FREE in-house water test is the first step toward enjoying better water for your home. Contact Chicago Water Pros today to get started.

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