Water Purification Systems in Chicago, Frankfort, Elgin, Wheaton, Aurora and Surrounding Areas

These days, with a lot of impurities coming from underground water, you need a professional water softener for the betterment of your health; it has become quite necessary to install water purification systems in your house or office for the good health of your family members or employees. Chicago Water Pros has been in this line of business for over two decades now and has quite a professional team of experts who are not only skilled and experienced in what they do but also are certified to treat and purify your drinking water. Our systems can get rid of harmful toxins from your water like lead, iron, chlorine, and other contaminants. Since we are a local company, we know all our customers personally and treat them with utmost care and personalization; every citizen of the regions of Chicago, Frankfort, IL, Barrington, IL, Elgin, Wheaton, Aurora, IL gets the most courteous and timely services and this helps us in constantly increasing our client base through the word of mouth.

Below we have mentioned a few common types of water purification systems available to us. Take a look.

  1. CWP- 2200 1” Series Softeners

These types of softeners are mostly suited for apartments, cooling towers, nursing homes, factories, office buildings, and even schools. With an operating pressure of 20 to 100 psi, these high-density polyethylene filters are highly efficient and provide ultra-low hardness leakage.

  1. CWP – 5000 Series Softeners

This series of single valve softeners help in providing high-quality soft water. With a 44 GPM, this system is engineered in a way to provide reliable, and trouble-free performance, and that too with minimal maintenance. The resin tank in this system is corrosion resistant as it is made up of fiberglass which ensures its longevity.

So, if you are looking to get fresh and high-quality drinking water in your home or office, you can get in touch with our experts.

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